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Hi I am Shima Ghaheri, and I am a Game and Toy Designer!

I’m a designer, thinker and maker who believes in jumping into challenges that are way out of my comfort zone to explore and see the world from different perspectives. And I enjoy working with collaborative teams. The more diverse, the better.

I worked at Hasbro and Spin Master in the past as a toy, game, and board game designer, and recently at Exploding Kittens, I am on a mission to inspire people to connect, laugh, and play fun games in the physical world.

I’m always looking for an opportunity that combines my interest in toy and game design and would look forward to hearing more about the team and projects and share how I can contribute.

When I’m not designing or sketching I like to play the Piano, go rock climbing, do kickboxing, travel, and photograph the world around me. I find my hobbies help to keep me creative and they often lead to moments of inspiration.

I am always open to opportunities where I can contribute and continue to learn!

Thanks for stopping by!