Zing is an urban lighting which is designed like a drying rope. In the process of designing this product, the purpose was making concepts and being as much as creative to make rapid wire models for an urban lighting which is designed through interactive approaches. The most important point in this process was to create forms and models regardless of the constraints and available samples of urban lighting.

“Rapid Ideation”

“Social Issue”


‘Walls of kindness’ bring warmth and happiness to needy people. “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.”

Want to know more?

In fact, Zing is a combination of the playground and lighting. When children jump on it, climb it or even hang from this lighting that is shaped like a drying rack, the white color of the light changes to a colorful pattern, it reminds them Warmth. Humanitarianism is used in the concept of Zing because whenever children play and see the warmth symbol on it, they may think about children and people that have not sufficient and proper clothes to wear, either in hot weather or in cold weather.

“Design Context”